Do you want that hot, darlin?

Many years ago, when my marriage was crashing and burning, I was feeling very meh and generally unwanted. I decided it might help to get away and take a girls trip. We decided on Nashville with a couple of fun stops along the way. Chicago for Classy Girl Cupcakes. Louisville for The Slugger Factory, and then Nashville. There was SO much Amy Winehouse on the way.

We had an absolutely amazing time and made many memories with our dancing boots on.  

Anyway, on the last day of our trip we decided to go to this trendy coffee shop for breakfast. I got to the front of the line and the most adorable hipster barista asks what he can get me. Oh boy. I order my latte. He pauses, smiles, and in the most delicious southern accent you have ever heard, asks “do you want that hot, darlin?”….darlin.

To this day I am amazed I didn’t pass out.  

What’s funny about it is that I can’t even really remember exactly what he looked like. I know he was ridiculously hot, but what I remember the most is how I FELT in the moment. Heat. A spark. A little bit of mojo. ALIVE. I found that fire I was convinced was permanently gone.

A boudoir shoot can do that for you too. When you feel so very meh, it’s *wonderful* to take an entire day to focus on you, and what makes YOU feel good. Do you love false lashes and lingerie? Do you like to play with gender expression? Taking the time to think about this and then spending an entire day feeling absolutely amazing will reignite that spark. And the best part? You’ll have a collection of absolutely stunning images of you, feeling that fire. 

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