Your top four excuses, busted

A boudoir shoot is scary. Terrifying even. I totally get it. And what do we do when we are scared? We make excuses. We convince ourselves we aren’t worthy of an experience we want deeply. We are focused on taking care of the kids, our partner, work, education, aging parents, or those extra pounds we think we need to lose. But what if you felt hope? What if you realized that no matter the excuse, you are worthy of a soul-stirring self love experience? 

“I don’t have enough time for myself”

This is so easy to believe. You hear things like “you can’t pour from an empty cup” and “put on your oxygen mask before you help others” and you think “yeah, right.” And then caring for everyone but yourself puts you in a terrible funk. You stop doing things you love, the things that light your heart up. When was the last time you took a day to yourself? A whole day focused on you and what makes YOU feel good? During a boudoir shoot, you are able to relax, breathe, laugh, and feel beautiful and confident. Those feelings will continue for days, weeks, months, years even. Feeling alive again, seeing your own unique beauty – like a huge mental weight is lifted. 

You really DO need to take time for yourself, why not spend it having an amazing experience complete with a lasting confidence boost?

“I need to lose weight.” 

When I first started out as a boudoir photographer, I heard this all the time. I thought about it and realized it’s because people aren’t seeing THEMSELVES in images in the media. Society portrays one ideal beauty type. One that isn’t very relatable, and can cause so much harm to our hearts, our self esteem, our relationships.

So I decided to change that. I put out a model call, asking for volunteers to participate in a “secret project.” After doing tons and tons of interviews, I assembled a team of 20 different babes, sized 0-20 (one of each size) and photographed them. I displayed the images during a gallery night at my studio. Needless to say, it was a hit. All you saw when you looked at the collection of images was beauty and confidence. You didn’t see sizes, shapes, ages, “imperfections.” Just vibrant beauty, joy and confidence.

I’ve done it three times since then and expanded the scope of the project to include cancer survivors, brain surgery survivors, victims of assault, survivors of eating disorders, trans and non binary babes, an expectant mama, a grandmother and so much more.

You DO have the body for a boudoir shoot. If you have a body – in any state, at any time, at any age, it is beautiful and worthy of celebration. I would be honored to help you celebrate that beauty. 

“I never feel sexy anymore so a boudoir shoot must not be for me.”

This excuse is actually the exact reason you SHOULD do a boudoir shoot. Often times we lose touch with our femininity or sexuality when life gets crazy. It happens a lot and it is absolutely normal and okay! A boudoir shoot is a great way to get your sexy back. When you’re preparing for your shoot, you spend so much time thinking about what makes you feel good – what type of wardrobe you want, what music makes you feel good, how you like your hair and makeup and what poses you are drawn to. I can show you that you’ve still got it. Whatever version of “it” means to you – whether it is lacy lingerie, a classic white shirt, boxers or your birthday suit.  

“A boudoir shoot is an investment and I don’t have all the money right now.”

Yes, a boudoir shoot IS an investment. I offer two types of payment plans! If you are a planner, prepayment plans are perfect for you. You can split up the cost of your photos between the day you book and the day of your shoot. When you take advantage of a prepayment plan, you will get access to a specialty set or free products! Specialty sets you can choose from are:  bathtub, rooftop, neon light, bondage, shower or stairs. Click HERE to see pictures of the specialty sets. Free products include things like headshots, fresh flowers, vintage prints and more!

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