Sam’s Guest Post

Growing up, my dad told me I needed to lower my standards because I was a “bigger girl.”

He said I needed to wear long shirts because no one wants to see my stomach. I was maybe 15/16 when he said these things to me and it stayed with me until my mid to late 20s. Then I found the self love movement. I wanted to love my body at any size and wanted to capture loving myself as I am. So I decided to book a boudoir shoot.

My biggest hesitation before booking was thinking “no one wants to see this plus size curvy body.” The voice of my dad was in my head. But once I got in the chair and Natalie started doing my hair, I let it all go because even if no one sees my album but me, I am proud of myself. 

I chose Melissa because of the variety of body types on her site. I think it was the secret project that got me. Seeing her shoot every age, every size, every body. She isn’t a “one size fits all” type of photographer. 

After the first shoot, it became addictive. I’ve done three shoots with Melissa and have a fourth on the books! Everyone should do at least one. It’s such a boost in more ways than one. After each shoot I leave on cloud nine. Everything is elevated. I feel good in my skin, I see me. Whenever I am hearing that negative voice in my head, I look at my photos. At least once a month, I look at my albums and my vintage prints and I smile. It always makes me happy thinking back to the days of my photoshoots. 

If you’re on the fence, do it. It’s only scary for a few minutes but once you go through the first few poses and say a few words to make you giggle it’s amazing.

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