“I like camp.”

Do you ever read google reviews and wonder about the people who wrote them? Curious about what their photos looked like? Here is a picture of her review and my experience photographing her.

During her pre shoot consultation, she said “I like camp.” Which I misheard as “I like camping.” I launched into this whole supportive explanation. I said “that’s cool – we can figure out a way to incorporate that into a shoot. I’ve even photographed a client with a log before. Her husband is an arborist.” 

Anyway. She very kindly listened before saying “no, like CAMP, like CAMPY.” As in the Oxford definition “absurdly exaggerated, artificial, or affected in a usually humorous way.”


She also loves the Golden Girls, Reading Tarot, and Astrology. She gets a little twinkle in her eye when she talks about Brenden Fraser of the Mummy, but she also enjoys a little Rachel Weiss. She’s passionate about financial literacy for women. My kind of girl.  

Not only was she a riot during her entire shoot, but she brought her WHOLE SELF to the shoot. Brought absolutely gorgeous outfits that matched her personality to a tee. I mean. That bull skull. It screams power and sensuality. Is it campy? Not sure. It’s definitely not camp-ING. 

To finish up her shoot, she freestyled topless in a long fluffy pink robe with matching slippers while I photographed her. She even karate kicked at the camera. We were both HOWLING. It was amazing. 

To empower someone to be unapologetically themselves-that is my superpower. And it brings me so much joy. You don’t have to karate kick topless in a pink robe during your shoot if you aren’t feeling it. But whatever your unique idea of sexy is? I’ll capture that for you.  

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