Tell her about your butt, Jessie

A few years into my career as a boudoir photographer, I photographed a bride. She was in her early twenties, and like almost everyone who comes in for a shoot, she was both excited and terrified. She brought her mom with her for support. I thought it was super sweet that they had that kind of bond.

We were chatting about her wardrobe choices and what to expect during her shoot. I asked if she had any concerns before we moved on to photographing her. Both of them were quiet. The mom looked at her daughter and said “tell her about your butt, Jessie.”

I looked on expectantly, waiting to hear something like “I just had surgery” or “I have a tail.” Something to warrant this necessary booty confession.

Jessie hung her head and while looking devastated, said: “I have pimples on my butt.”

Oh. Sweet Jessie.

I spent the next couple of minutes explaining to *both* of them that this was quite normal. I explained my retouching services include removal of blemishes (if you wish)!! They both looked relieved, and Jessie had an album filled with beautiful images to present to her new hubs.

The thing is… we all have things about ourselves that make us feel uncomfortable. I see it all the time. Scars, stretch marks, bruises, pimples (on our face or… wherever). But what is really wonderful, is being able to be one hundred percent authentically REAL. To look at the stunning images I create of you and see yourself as a uniquely gorgeous human, “flaws” and all.

Booty acne? Seriously everyone has it. Have body hair? I love it. Stretch marks? They are beautiful. Scars? They tell a story about what you have conquered. And they are all part of what makes you uniquely beautiful.

I recognize everyone is in a different place on their self love journey. Retouching of your images is tailored to your preferences, and we have a conversation about that during your photo reveal. I don’t presume that you want any part of your amazing self edited. If you like, basic skin smoothing and removal of blemishes and bruises is included with your session!

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