Thirsty Thursdays, Cleavage Addition

Want a fun and creative idea to show off that cleavage? You’ve come to the right place. Today’s Thirsty Thursday has you covered.

Find a good spot with some natural light coming in. Prop your phone up about chin level. Grab the bottom of your tank top and pull it up to your mouth and bite down on it. Look down and adjust your shirt so that it shows off the amount of cleavage you want! Put your phone on a 3 second timer and you’ve got a super smokin shot!


I like to wedge my phone in a coffee cup so that I can tilt it at the angle that I like.

Play with expressions. You can smile like I did or do a sexy bite!

You can wear a bra or not (ooooh la la). If you aren’t feeling the facial expressions, crop in and just show off the cleavage!

Cross both of your arms in front of you to bring your cleavage together.

If you feel like your mouth or shirt looks weird, bring a hand up and play with that too.

Have fun!