Tell her about your butt, Jessie

A few years into my career as a boudoir photographer, I photographed a bride. She was in her early twenties, and like almost everyone who comes in for a shoot, she was both excited and terrified. She brought her mom with her for support. I thought it was super sweet that they had that kind of bond.

We were chatting about her wardrobe choices and what to expect during her shoot. I asked if she had any concerns before we moved on to photographing her. Both of them were quiet. The mom looked at her daughter and said “tell her about your butt, Jessie.”

I looked on expectantly, waiting to hear something like “I just had surgery” or “I have a tail.” Something to warrant this necessary booty confession.

Jessie hung her head and while looking devastated, said: “I have pimples on my butt.”

Oh. Sweet Jessie.

I spent the next couple of minutes explaining to *both* of them that this was quite normal. I explained my retouching services include removal of blemishes (if you wish)!! They both looked relieved, and Jessie had an album filled with beautiful images to present to her new hubs.

The thing is… we all have things about ourselves that make us feel uncomfortable. I see it all the time. Scars, stretch marks, bruises, pimples (on our face or… wherever). But what is really wonderful, is being able to be one hundred percent authentically REAL. To look at the stunning images I create of you and see yourself as a uniquely gorgeous human, “flaws” and all.

Booty acne? Seriously everyone has it. Have body hair? I love it. Stretch marks? They are beautiful. Scars? They tell a story about what you have conquered. And they are all part of what makes you uniquely beautiful.

I recognize everyone is in a different place on their self love journey. Retouching of your images is tailored to your preferences, and we have a conversation about that during your photo reveal. I don’t presume that you want any part of your amazing self edited. If you like, basic skin smoothing and removal of blemishes and bruises is included with your session!

Want more information about how a shoot works? Click here to book a no obligation consultation with me!

Thirsty Thursday!

“Wow. Look at that butt.”

That’s the type of response we want (and what I got when I sent the nekkid version of this one to David. He’s a good man.

How to take this shot:

Sit in front of a mirror and turn your legs to the side

Bend both your knees and point your toes

Bend the knee closest to the mirror a little bit higher

Use your arm closest to the mirror to cover up as much or as little as you want of your chest

Use the phone to cover some/all of your face

Use your other arm to cover up the other side of your chest!


This is a fun one to play with – you can do it without clothes, you can do it without a shirt but with a pretty bra, you can do it with a shirt and undies like this to bring attention to the legs – if you love your legs or want a less is more selfie, this one is amazing.

Have fun, babes!



Thirsty Thursdays, Cleavage Addition

Want a fun and creative idea to show off that cleavage? You’ve come to the right place. Today’s Thirsty Thursday has you covered.

Find a good spot with some natural light coming in. Prop your phone up about chin level. Grab the bottom of your tank top and pull it up to your mouth and bite down on it. Look down and adjust your shirt so that it shows off the amount of cleavage you want! Put your phone on a 3 second timer and you’ve got a super smokin shot!


I like to wedge my phone in a coffee cup so that I can tilt it at the angle that I like.

Play with expressions. You can smile like I did or do a sexy bite!

You can wear a bra or not (ooooh la la). If you aren’t feeling the facial expressions, crop in and just show off the cleavage!

Cross both of your arms in front of you to bring your cleavage together.

If you feel like your mouth or shirt looks weird, bring a hand up and play with that too.

Have fun!

Thirsty Thursdays: Booty Edition

Today’s Thirsty Thursday will help you get that amazing and ever elusive great booty shot! It can feel impossible to get the right angle on your booty, but it comes down to one simple tip: get the right angle.

In the top picture, I was trying to hold my phone behind me and just couldn’t get the right angle. In the bottom bootylicious pic, I stood my phone on the floor, propped slightly upwards (against a soup can) and set my timer for 3 seconds. I got on my knees, pushed my booty out like a MOTHER and placed my hands on either side of my booty. VOILA! Perfect peach shape.

TIP: cheekies are the BEST fit for this type of shot. Booty shorts work if you don’t feel comfortable showing off ALL that butt.

TIP: place your hands *gently* on your booty. If you press in too much you’ll dig into your booty and make “indents.”

TIP: If you can’t get that perfect shot, put your phone on video and practice with how far out you push your booty. Then you can screenshot your favorite angle!

Have fun taking amazing shots of your booty!!

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Black Friday FAQ

I am so excited that my ONLY sale of the year is almost here, and I am so excited to fill the studio with you beautiful humans! I know that deciding to do a boudoir shoot can be a little bit scary (and a bit exciting), so I decided to cover some FAQs about how the process works!

I am not sure if boudoir is for me.  Can I do this?

YES!  Boudoir is for everyone. Babes of all ages, all sizes, all shapes.    People with curves, without curves, with stretch marks.  People who have disabilities, mastectomies, scars, and cellulite. Humans who are gender queer, transgender, non-binary. ALL OF YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL and deserve an incredible experience of self love.  You can do this!   Still not sure?  Check out this blog post about how terrifying boudoir shoots can be.  

What is included?

This year’s Black Friday Sale includes: 

  • $399 Session Fee – includes wardrobe styling, professional hair and makeup before your shoot, expert posing, same day viewing and ordering session, professional retouching of your images and custom album and wall art design
  • $199 rooftop, bathtub or NEW neon set upgrade
  • $100 off add ons to your collection
  • $25 off $100 purchase at  Altheas Fine Lingerie
  • $25 off any service valued $50 or more at  Clean Slate Spa 
  • $25 off a massage while you wait for your images to be edited

Payment plan options are available for pictures, which are sold separately.

*the first FIVE to get the presale get it for $199 AND receive an extra $100 off add ons to collections*

Get presale access by joining the list here.

Okay, so how does this work? Do I need to know how to pose?

Once you have purchased your Black Friday Session, you’ll receive a confirmation email with info on how to schedule your pre shoot consultation  and shoot date, and info on how to redeem all the extra goodies that come with your shoot!  

I will help you every step of the way!!   From how to prepare, to what to bring, to how to pose (I’ll literally pose you head to toe, including help with facial expressions), I will answer any questions you have and be sure you have all the information you need to for an amazing boudoir experience.

When does my shoot need to take place?

Black Friday shoots must be scheduled between January 4 and June 2, 2022.

Can I use this for a couples shoot?

YES! You will need to notify Melissa before booking and you and your honey will be required to have a pre session consultation in person or video chat.

How far in advance should I book my shoot?

You will want your shoot to take place at least 6 weeks before your need your finished products, and you’ll need to choose a date by January 31, 2022.

So I book my shoot-then what happens?

Once you have booked a shoot, I will send you a step by step prep guide! I am available by text/email/phone or in person if you’d like extra help getting ready for your shoot! 

When do I get to see the pictures?

THE SAME DAY as your shoot!  About an hour after we wrap up your shoot, we have a gallery reveal and ordering session! We sit down, view a slideshow of all your incredible, gorgeous jaw dropping images, and I help you finalize your order.

What do I do with the pictures?

I offer folios, albums, wall art and collections! My most popular collection includes an 8×8 album, your corresponding digital files, a custom password protected app for your phone and an 8×12 float! To see some of my clients’ favorite items, click here!

What if I need a payment plan?! How does that work?

I offer three different payment options for your shoot!  Prepayment plans (which get you access to complimentary bonuses), payment in full on the day of your shoot with cash or credit, or PayPal Credit, which allows you to pay off your order for up to six months with no fees or interest!

When do I receive my order?

Generally between 4-6 weeks after you approve your order to print.  If you have a tight deadline let me know and I will do my absolute best to accommodate you. 

Have more questions?

Email me at [email protected] or set up a phone consultation! I would love to work with you!

A gift

This babe visited the studio in February after receiving a shoot as a gift from her hubby! He was so excited to treat her to this experience, to give her a day to be pampered in hair and makeup, feel amazing and confident during her shoot, and to create beautiful images that they can enjoy together. What a keeper!

She visited Althea’s Fine Lingerie for her wardrobe and they created a whole look for her shoot! Dark and moody, with pops of red, and at the end we captured some moody topless shots! It’s a great idea to think about your boudoir wardrobe as a collection of items to create a beautiful display for your album and wall art. Coordinate pieces that compliment each other, but also give you variety, like a bodysuit, bra and undies, robe and maybe even your birthday suit. If you are thinking about a shoot for yourself, click here to set up a phone consultation for more info! I’d love to work with you!


Photographers are notorious for blogging in spurts. We will blog religiously for months and then nothing for months. So here we are. This is a throwback session from all the way in January, which feels like yesterday and a million years ago at the same time. I rented this beautiful blush vintage sofa and have been looking for one ever since! If you happen to know of a good one, send it my way!

It was SO much fun looking at these images again! Her soft romantic look, rosy pink lip and black/pink lingerie came together for a magical set of images. And you can’t beat your birthday suit for boudoir wardrobe. It’s scary, I know. But I promise it’s liberating, freeing, and one of the best things you’ll ever do for yourself.

Bookings + Inquiries: please e-mail [email protected]
Instagram: @studiomboudoir

A is for Authenticity

A came to me because she wanted to be captured as her authentic self.  This is 100% my jam.  It’s what I live for.  I firmly believe that in order to really break away from the crushing societal burden of unattainable perfection, we have to start BELIEVING that everyone is beautiful.  And in order to believe it, we have to  be willing to be our own authentic selves so others can see it (and have permission to believe it too).  

We need to see authenticity everywhere.  Not just on the occasional ad using a “plus size” or “older” model.  Not based on some sort of gender binary. Everywhere.  You are not too old.  You do not have too many stretch marks.  Your body is not too big, too small, too flat, too curvy.  Your proportions are not wrong.  Your skin does not have too many stretch marks or too much cellulite.  

You are perfect.  

My passion with this work I do is to show everyone they are beautiful.   And every step towards breaking the narrative of “ideal” is a good one.  It’s why this work is so important to me.  

Here is what A had to say about her shoot:

“Melissa I want thank you very much for the wonderful day!  It was such a freeing experience and I cannot wait to work the photos into my daily self love journey.  I now know what a true boudoir experience feels like.  I am passionate about representation and I think it’s great people are loving these pictures.  I am very happy with what we created together and I cannot wait to get the photos!” 

Thanks A, for trusting me with your authentic self.  You are beautiful and perfect.  

What’s your Lingerie Personality?

Romantic or sassy, classic or barely there, lingerie is an empowering tool to make YOU feel sexy.  Everyone needs to own amazing pieces that make them feel incredible! 

Perhaps you are just starting to explore and define your taste in lingerie, or you might be looking for the perfect piece and fit for your boudoir session. Wardrobe styling at Althea’s Fine Lingerie is included with all of my boudoir sessions !  Althea is truly gifted at styling clients with lingerie that flatters their bodies and their personal tastes!

I created a fun quiz that will get you started down the path of self discovery and understanding what your very own personal lingerie style is! 

Take the quiz and you may get a special treat for playing. 

Behind the scenes with my handsome assistant

I recently started working with a vintage rental company so I’ll have new and amazing sets each month. The first piece is a divine blush pink tufted sofa. It. Is. Glorious. Any time I want to shoot a new set or concept, David and I do a test shoot first. I get to test poses and lighting and angles and create all new images. I have a basic shot list ready and David sits for me in the general pose I want while I get the settings how I want. Then we trade places to create the final test shots.

This also serves to give me the invaluable perspective of my clients. I can see how poses feel, and I can see how they look-is there anything making me feel self conscious or would I prefer my hair lay a different way, things like that. David is a great sport and we always have a wonderful time, even if his expression says otherwise in that one shot with the hat . . . . hahahaha. I mean, you can’t break out the blue steel for every single shot. Sometimes you are tired of playing model on your girlfriend’s vintage rental.

We figured it would be fun to show some of these shots side by side for your amusement. David is the most adorable and talented assistant I could ask for and I appreciate and love him so much. Keep scrolling to see the final set of images we came up with.

The last shot is one of my faves. As I tell my clients, I always love the laughing shots of myself. I feel alive, free and beautiful – and experiencing so much joy. I’ll have the couch through the end of January! Email me at [email protected] or call/text 414.467.8338 to book! Keep your eyes on my instagram @studiomboudoir for the next vintage piece, arriving in February!