Another time I was humiliated

About 12 years ago, I needed to print something at home. I had an ancient printer that wasn’t working and I suspected it was the cord. The printer had some weird port on it. So, I took a photo of it, and off I went to radio shack to see if they had this random cord.

I walked in and found a lady to help me, explained what I was looking for and opened my phone so she could see the picture of the cord. She touched my screen on my phone, and when she did, she swiped to the next photo. 

Which was a n00d full frontal of a woman. 

A million things went through my head at that second. Like what do I say? I mean, I’m a boudoir photographer and so I have marketing images and inspiration images on my phone all the time for social media. I started to explain and laugh it off, and she cut me off, to exclaim:


It took me a minute to understand the relevancy of her comment. Congratulations. What does this have do do with OMG SHE THINKS I’M HITTING ON HER! I mean first of all, give me some credit. If I am hitting on you I would like to think I have better game than that. But she was legit OFFENDED. Disgusted. I tried to recover but she continued to insist that her husband would NOT LIKE me showing her these kinds of photos.

I don’t even remember if I bought the printer cord or if I just walked away completely defeated.  

The point is, there won’t be any surprises during your boudoir shoot. I’ll make sure that you are well prepared for the whole experience. I’ll get you set up with an amazing lingerie fairy godmother to help you pick out your wardrobe. I have magical hair stylists and makeup artists that will pamper you and get you feeling incredible. I’ll expertly pose you through your entire shoot and I’ll even help you pick out the best way to display your gorgeous images. 

Want more info? Set up a call with me. I’d love to help you start planning an amazing experience.