7 Tips for Taking a Sexy Selfie

I have been photographing boudoir for over ten years now. I know firsthand how much of a confidence boost it can be to take a killer sexy selfie. These are my “sexy selfie 101” tips to get you started-you can take these on your phone-no fancy camera required!

Tip #1: Find a good source of natural light.

There is nothing worse than terrible bathroom light washing you out and making you feel terrible about yourself! Natural light is much better and will really do wonders for your gorgeous features. I took both of these images with NO makeup so you can see the difference in JUST the right lighting alone.  

Here’s an example I took with some nasty bathroom light, and then an example I took in natural light-I think you can see the difference is pretty dramatic and way more flattering!

Tip #2 – Work Your Angles!

Generally, shooting down at something will make it look smaller, and shooting up at something will make it look bigger. So a good tip for slimming your face and body is to hold your phone above eye level.

This is what it looks like when you shoot from below versus above. Not all that flattering to shoot up your nose. Which, let’s be real, no one wants to see that.

I used the second image in tip one to illustrate natural lighting, but it’s perfect for illustrating how flattering shooting from above can be. Plus, depending on what shirt you’re wearing, you might capture some of that amazing cleavage 😉
As with every rule, there is always an exception. Sometimes it’s good to shoot from a lower angle…I did say that shooting from a lower angle makes the subject of your image look bigger, right? Why not use that to your advantage!? Which leads us to tip # 3 . . . .

Tip #3 – Use A Timer!

It can be really hard to get the right angle while you’re holding your phone, even when using a selfie stick. Take a pic from below and behind to accentuate that nice and curvy booty!

Here’s an example. The first shot I held my phone behind me, and in the second I placed it on the floor and set my timer. I also stuck my booty out, and placed my hands on my thighs to frame my booty!

See? Super simple, but super effective.

I use TimerCam, or just the timer on my iPhone, but there’s a ton of other options out there depending on what you like and what type of phone you’re using.

Tip #4 – Play with expressions. But most of all, Smile!

I always tell my clients all the time that “happy + half naked = amazing.” If you are having a hard time getting a genuine smile, find a word to say that makes you feel silly.

“Penis” works for me every time 🙂

Other suggestions I use for my clients are boner, balls (or the killer combo balls balls balls cocksucker said really fast), willy, cooter…get creative! And when you find that natural smile spreading all across your face, snap a shot!

Here are some examples:

I look much happier and like I’m having a ton more fun in the image on the right. And chances are, you feel more drawn to the one on the right than the one on the left.

The one on the left seems more bored or standoffish. If you’re trying to be enticing, a smile is much better.  If you really don’t want a smile but can’t get your face to relax, say the vowels out loud!  “a, e, i, o, u!”  

Bonus points: did you notice I also used natural lighting for this image? I got some good cleavage in there too from the bra and the angle of the phone. Meow!

Tip #5 – Wear something your Significant Other Loves!

Do they love those soft thigh high socks or a particular pair of cheeky undies? Feature those! 

Here’s one I took wearing a super cute new bodysuit I just got and my glasses (who doesn’t love the sexy librarian thing, right?):

Don’t have a significant other? Who cares!!

Take selfies wearing something that makes YOU feel sexy! Feeling sexy is a state of being, it doesn’t have to be for anyone else but you 🙂

Tip #6 – Get Naked!

Now, I know we just talked about putting something sexy on but now we’re going the opposite direction.

Instead, take it all off! Yes, I said it!

If you don’t want to bear it all or you don’t feel comfortable – that’s ok. Instead, hit the sheets and tease them with the illusion of nudity. 

Here’s one I took that alludes to me being nude:

I’m not showin’ off the goods, but it’s still sexy! And yes, I’m using natural light (tip #1) and a timer (tip #3). If you’re a little more bold, you can try something like this:

Ok, I didn’t use a timer for this one (obviously), but I did use natural light. I also arched my back, which stretches out the tummy and creates more of a curve.

Tip #7 – Use Editing Software to Finish The Image!

You can really make your images pop using some basic editing software. 

I personally love Snapseed, but there are tons of other options out there. Your phone may even have built-in editing software as well.

There’s no right or wrong with editing either – it’s whatever you like and whatever makes you feel sexy-play with the color, contrast, basic blemish removal, and find what makes you feel good about you! 

Keep in mind your partner is turned on by the REAL you-not a super edited plastic version of the you that is already glorious without editing.

Now go forth and (sexy) selfie!!!


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